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OMAPworld provides everything from community resources to available development platforms for developers interested in leveraging TI’s leading applications processors.

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OMAPTM Processors

OMAP ChipDevelopers worldwide rely on TI’s OMAP applications processors to support their hottest innovations on operating systems such as Android, Linux, LiMo, SymbianTM and Microsoft® Windows®.
Learn about the technology’s background, benefit and potential here.

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OMAPTM5 announced transforming Mobile Devices.

OMAPTM5 Tech Details

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TI’s OMAPTM Software Ecosystem is a rich, diverse and highly competent group of partner companies around the world, supporting the market-leading OMAPTM platform.

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Ubuntu on OMAPTM

The project develops and ports Ubuntu on TI OMAPTM Platforms including OMAP Blaze

Android for OMAPTM

The project develops and ports Android for TI OMAPTM Platforms (including Zoom-II, Blaze etc.)

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